Current Tile Trends for Bathrooms: Choosing the Best Options

Current Tile Trends for Bathrooms
Picture of Written by Anton Briggs
Written by Anton Briggs

Owner of Briggs and Nins Construction

As you plan your bathroom remodel, you might be wondering about the latest trends in tile and how to choose the right options for your space. Tiling is more than just a practical inclusion; it can significantly influence the style and ambiance of your bathroom. Let’s explore the current trends and provide answers to some of the most common questions homeowners have when selecting bathroom tiles.

What Are the Latest Tile Trends for Bathrooms?

What styles are popular right now for bathroom tiling?

The world of bathroom tiles is always evolving, with new trends emerging that can turn ordinary spaces into stunning showcases. Here are a few of the top trends:

  • Large-Format Tiles: Larger tiles are increasingly popular for both floors and walls. They create a sleek, modern look and have fewer grout lines, which makes them easier to clean.
  • Textured Tiles: These add dimension and tactile appeal to your bathroom. Textured tiles can simulate natural materials like wood or stone or feature raised patterns and waves.
  • Subway Tiles: While they are a classic choice, subway tiles continue to be popular due to their versatility. Newer trends are seeing these tiles in larger sizes or in unexpected colors.
  • Marble-Look Tiles: These tiles bring the luxury look of marble without the high cost and maintenance. Porcelain options that mimic marble are particularly trendy, offering durability and a high-end feel.
  • Geometric and Patterned Tiles: Bold patterns and shapes can make a dramatic statement in a bathroom. Hexagons, chevrons, and Moroccan-inspired designs are especially trendy.

How Do I Choose the Right Tiles for My Bathroom?

With so many options, how can I make the best choice for my space?

Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom involves considering several factors:

  • Style of Your Home: The tiles should complement the overall style of your home. For a modern home, large-format, minimalist tiles might be best, while a traditional home might benefit from classic subway or marble-look tiles.
  • Size of the Bathroom: Larger tiles can make a small bathroom feel bigger, while smaller tiles work well for creating intricate patterns in larger spaces.
  • Maintenance Requirements: Consider how much time you are willing to spend on maintenance. Porcelain tiles are generally easier to maintain than natural stone, which might need regular sealing.
  • Budget: Set a budget before you start shopping. Marble and custom-designed tiles can be expensive, but there are many beautiful and affordable options available in ceramic and porcelain.

What Should I Avoid When Choosing Bathroom Tiles?

Are there common mistakes I should avoid?

Yes, here are a few pitfalls to avoid:

  • Overdoing Patterns: While patterned tiles are trendy, using them excessively can overwhelm a small space. Consider using bold patterns on one statement wall or as a border, with more subdued tiles elsewhere.
  • Ignoring Slip Resistance: Especially for floor tiles, choose options that are slip-resistant to avoid accidents, particularly in wet areas.
  • Neglecting the Color Scheme: Ensure your tile color complements the overall color scheme of your bathroom. Neutral tiles offer versatility, while bold tiles should be chosen carefully to match your decor.

Conclusion: Tile Your Way to a Trendy Bathroom

Tiles are a crucial element of any bathroom remodel. By keeping up with the latest trends and making informed choices based on your specific needs and preferences, you can enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Remember, the best tile choice is one that balances style, maintenance, and budget to create a space that feels both timeless and on-trend.

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